Varroa Treatments: 

  • Whatever method you choose, the important thing to remember is to regularly check your hives.
  • Keeping an accurate varroa count means you can hit them when the numbers rise.
  • Use the sugar-shake method to check the numbers.
  • Keeping a corflute board underneath your ventilated hive base enables you to keep an eye on the varroa drop.

Hive World's recommended treatments:

  1. Six-monthly alternate treatment of Bayvarol and Apivar strips.
  2. Sublimation of Oxalic acid using a Sublimox or Vapmite - 5 x treatments, 5 days apart to catch the brood cycle.  This method can be used on a regular basis as varroa does not build resistance.
  3. Oxalic/Glycerine strips placed in the hive.  These can be used all year round when varroa is a problem.  Our package bundles come with the correct ratio to mix and make your own strips. For more information on the use of oxalic acid see our blog