Now we come to the real point of beekeeping - when you reap the rewards of the girls hard work.

Hive World carries a range of equipment to make this job simpler and less messy.

For the Hobbyist:

  • Our useful uncapping tray holds the frame at an easy angle to allow the honey to drain into the large capacity tank.
  • Slice the cappings off with either our electric or serrated uncapping knife.
  • Otherwise you can prick the comb with our uncapping roller (the best way with manuka) or use a capping scratcher.  This handy tool is also useful for checking brood health.
  • The latest aid is the turbo-pro uncapper.  This nifty tool tidily removes the cappings with the minimum of waste but the maximum of efficiency.

For the small Commercial Operator:

  • 20 frame uncapping tank with an optional vertical electric uncapper

We have several different options in stock to take the effort out of extracting:

  • Electric Extractor -  4-frame tangential and 8-frame cassette (self-turning)
  • 4-Frame Electric extractor complete with uncapping tank
  • Manual Extractors - a 2-frame and a 4-frame model

After extracting:

  •  A strainer is essential for removing bee bits and wax from your honey.
  • The nylon cappings strainer is useful for purifying the wax when melted as well as getting the dregs  of honey out of your wax cappings.  It is easy to hook this useful aid into your extractor and give it a whirl to speed the process up.
  • 20L Pails with lid and honey gate are perfect for storing honey.
  • Stainless Steel Honey Storage (settling) tanks with strainer and stainless steel honey gate from 50kg to 225kg manufactured by Civan in Turkey.
  • We stock nylon and stainless steel Honey Gates as well as the Original Robinet  Perfection honey gate from Thomas Apiculture in France which gives a very clean cut off with no drips.
After extraction you may like to cream your honey to prevent it crystallizing.  We supply 75kg creamers from Civan in Turkey to do this task effortlessly for you.