Frames and Frame Assembly:

Here you will find all you need to get your frames into action!
  • Foundation inserts, both wax (in all grades from thin to heavy) and plastic are available.
  • Wooden frames ready assembled and wired for your convenience.
  • Frame wire, rivets, wax embedders and crimpers to assist you in making your wooden frames up with wax foundation.
  • Plastic frames - clip together for ease of use - are great for making comb honey.
  • Both 3/4 and Full depth Certified Virgin Plastic frames with foundation, supplied either plain or wax-sprayed.

  • F/D wax Foundation Thin Brood


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  • Frame Wiring Accessory Package


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  • Hive World Comb Honey System.


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  • Pre-cut Beeswax for Comb Honey


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  • Quick-Clip Frames Carton of 40


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  • Ready-to-Go Hive Supers


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  • Timber Frames Assembled and Wired


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  • Wax Foundation Medium Brood


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  • Wire Embedder Tool


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  • Plastic Frame complete


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  • Plastic Foundation Insert


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  • Timber Kitset Frames Drilled


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