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Hive World Varroa Check – use this handy tool when you are worried about mite levels in the hive.

  • Collect a handful of bees (approximately half a cup = 300 bees) from the centre of the hive.  Be careful not to include the queen!  Place in the Hive World Varroa Check.
  • Add a heaped tablespoonful of icing sugar and secure lid.
  • Gently rotate container for 2 minutes thereby ensuring all bees are dusted with sugar.  Wait 2 minutes and rotate again for a further 2 minutes.
  • Release the bees and check the mite drop by tipping the debris out on to a white surface.  Over 10 mites (3%) suggests you need to treat.
  • Be aware that the collection of bees can disturb the hive therefore it is wise to wear your beekeeping protective wear.  A smoker can also help to calm the situation!
  • Alcohol can be used as a mite wash alternative as well as liquid detergent/water mix.  Just ensure that you don’t foam the detergent up as this makes mites difficult to see!
  • Checking for mite levels on a regular basis helps you keep in control of the situation and be prepared for treating if necessary.

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