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Feeding your Bees:

If you are harvesting honey you will need to supplement your bees diet.  This is necessary during the winter as well as in the spring build up to ensure your hives are at their peak for the summer honey flow.

Beekeepers commonly use sugar syrup at different strengths for different times of the year.  During the winter it is recommended to use a 2-1 mixture of sugar to water.  During spring a 1-1 mix is sufficient.

However, sugar syrup only provides basic energy.  For a nutritious mix we recommend Probee41 to ensure your bees are given the best possible chance to prosper.  This formula is an organic 100% natural mixture of oils of medicinal plants and flowers.  It has been shown to strengthen the hives natural resistance to varroa and other diseases and increase the brood health and queen laying ability.

Refer to our Probee41 page to read all the information about this great new product.

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