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Feeding your Bees:

If you are harvesting honey you will need to supplement your bees diet.  This is necessary during the winter if you have weaker hives.  However, it is most important to feed your bees in the spring build up.  This will ensure your hives are at their peak for the summer honey flow.

Beekeepers commonly use sugar syrup at different strengths for different times of the year.  During the winter it is recommended to use a 2-1 mixture of sugar to water for feeding your bees.  During spring a 1-1 mix is sufficient.

However, sugar syrup only provides basic energy.  Bees require minerals and protein (pollen) for health.  See our blog for some interesting new research from Lincoln University –

For a nutritious mix we recommend Mineral Bee  This will ensure your bees are given the best possible chance to prosper.  This formula is a selection of essential minerals found in pollen and honey but not in sugar syrup.

Refer to our Mineral Bee page to read all the information about this great new product.

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