• As a beekeeper, you will be well aware of your responsibilities in relation to the sceurity of hives under your care.
  • As well as this, there are government regulations in relation to keeping beehives.
  • Every hive must be registered in order to provide accurate talleys of bee populations in any given area.   This is important in order that you can be notified in case of outbreak of disease in your area.

Our hive stencil is a super-easy way of marking your hives to advertise your ownership.

HiveGate is the new way of combating wasps and robbing in hives thus protecting the security of the bees inside.
  • This New Zealand invention brings the hive entrance inside the hive thus allowing the bees to defend in strength.
  • Because it narrows the entrance the bees have an easier job maintaining an ambient environment and can concentrate their strength on growing the colony.

This results in stronger, healthier hives.