What’s going on this month in the hive?

What tasks do I need to do to ensure hive health?

May in the hive

The cold weather sends the bees into a cluster.


Beekeeper Tasks

  • Remove March varroa treatments – do varroa check and re-treat if necessary. Varroa has been particularly bad this year due to a long warm autumn after harvesting.  Consider Oxalic treatments as an additional tool to hammer the varroa. See our options on link below.
  • Feed sugar syrup if necessary. To ensure bees receive the necessary nutrients, we recommend Mineral Bee to add to your feed. This additive contains the same nutrients as pollen and honey. See product checklist below.
  • Winter down hives by reducing entrances and removing excess supers as well as your queen excluder. This enables the queen to freely move up to the warmest part of the hive.
  • Bring in honey supers stored on hives and sort combs for storage. Freeze comb for wax moth control.