Beeswax foundation is the classic favourite for using in hives.  Many beekeepers consider it to be the best for the bee.   This is hardly surprising considering it is the bees own manufacture! Bees use beeswax to form the comb where they store their honey.  This amazing substance must be the all-time best sealer.  In it's pure form, it doesn't deteriorate with age. Hive World stocks top quality New Zealand beeswax in 2 grades:

  • Thin (suitable for comb honey)
  • Medium (the good all rounder)
Our beeswax is heated to 110 degrees Celsius and then micro-filtered to ensure its purity.  The liquid beeswax then passes through the 'weed process' sheeting machine.  This gives the foundation its greatly enhanced elasticity and strength. Beeswax foundation can also be rolled up to make beautiful candles.