Hive World stocks all your beekeeping essentials. Check out our product range below with your choice of componentry to suit your chosen method.


From complete starter kits (including suit and essential tools) through additional hives, ready-to-go supers to individual componentry.

Hive Accessories:

Seasonal accessories to assist your apiary through the year (queen excluders, entrance reducers etc.)

Frames and Frame Assembly:

Your choice of wooden frames and beeswax or plastic in the frame department.


Comb Honey options, escape boards and our Big Brute harvest tool as well as pollen traps and propolis collectors.


All you need to ensure you can supply your bees with the extras they need to survive and thrive from top feeders through frame feeders to entrance feeders.

  • 250g Honey Cassettes Pack


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  • 3.5L Frame Feeder Carton of 30


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  • 6-Litre frame feeder with ladders and cap


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  • 6L Frame Feeder Carton of 30


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  • Apibox Maxi Comb Honey System


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  • Assembled Escape board


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  • Basic Hive Starter Pack


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  • Beehive Starter Package


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  • Commercial Grade Hive Box


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  • Complete Paradise 10-Frame Hive


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  • English Comb Honey Sections x 28


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  • Entrance Feeder with Tumbler


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