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Hive World carry the complete range of hiveware components necessary to set up your beehives.

 The HiveWorld Starter Pack contains everything you need (apart from the bees) to get going.

Our quality galvanised hive lids, hive mats, supers and baseboards are all sourced from reputable New Zealand suppliers.  They are available as kitset for economy or can be made up on demand.

An exciting new option is our polystyrene Paradise BeeBox Hiveware range – see link:

We stock frame wire and rivets to make up your full-depth wooden frames.  Crimp tools and wire embedders will make it easy to properly fix the wax foundation.   Wax foundation is available in medium and heavy  grade for wiring, thin for comb honey.

We also supply Complete Plastic Frames in both 3/4 and Full Depth and Full Depth and 3/4 Depth Plastic Foundation Inserts .

We supply 3 different styles of  Queen Excluders for you to select from:

  1.   The economical flexible plastic style is gentle on the bees wings.
  2.   Rigid plastic style includes a bee space.  Both plastic options are good to use with oxalic treatment as there is no rust worries.
  3.   Galv metal with a wooden frame provides a strong option that is easy to clean with our queen excluder cleaning tool.

Our metal Entrance Reducers are essential to keep pests out, especially for the winter months.   Our latest product, the HiveGate, is specifically designed to prevent wasps gaining the upper hand in the hive.  By bringing the entrance into the centre of the hive, it allows the bees to defend in force.


We carry a large range of feeder options.  These include Top Feeders (with lid and bee saver), 3.5L and 6L Frame feeders with protective ladder and caps and 1/2 Depth 2 Division feeder.  (This can be used in a 3/4 box if you don’t mind a bit of brace comb being built underneath).  We also supply the Entrance feeder with Beaker (suitable for nucs) and the convenient  Portable Entrance feeder for using with a soft-drink bottle.

To hold your hives together we have two options of strapping available:  galvanised metal emlock with metal strap and a plated ratchet with woven polyester strap for increased strength and UV resilience. 


We stock propolis mats and pollen traps  (and pollen shovels for easy collection) to harvest these profitable side-products as well.  This adds another dimension to your hive’s productivity.  We also supply assembled 8-way escape boards to assist when you are ready to harvest your honey- you can also purchase 8-way escapes and the plastic porter escapes separately.

There are several options for harvesting honeycomb:  the simplest is our quickclip frame that you simply place a sheet of wax foundation in.  No wires are used so you can cut to any shape you desire.  Secondly, our plastic clip-frame with 500g plastic cassettes to go.  A variation on this is 250g plastic cassettes in a 3/4 depth wooden frame.  These are both economical options.  Thirdly, our premium English wooden comb sections.   Lastly we now provide Apibox – a classy system with little PET plastic inserts that are easy to harvest.  Check out all these systems below. For more information on honeycomb production, see our blog: