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Comb Sections

comb sections

Hive World supplies several different options of comb sections for you to choose from when you decide to produce comb honey:

  1. English wooden comb honey sections.  Place in a hanging frame or in a section rack on top of the honey supers.  This is the premium product using the traditional style sections.  We supply cardboard boxes to use for selling the sections as well as cellophane bags to place the section combs in for enhanced protection.
  2. Plastic Full Depth or Wooden 3/4 Depth frames with plastic sections.  The full depth frame takes 6 x 500g sections while the 3/4 depth takes 8 x 250g.  We also supply plastic covers for protecting the comb once it is completed.
  3. The Apibox system which comes with pre-textured plastic boxes (with fitted lids) for the bees to fill.
  4. A plain plastic frame to hold your foundation without wire.  This allows you to cut to any shape you desire once the comb is capped.

Comb Honey is a very popular and rewarding method of producing honey.  For best results, you should put your sections into the hive at the height of the spring flow.  This ensures that the bees will fill the comb quickly and evenly.  North Island beekeepers and those in the top of the South Island need to be aware of the tutin risk if you don’t harvest by the end of December.

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