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Beekeeping Gloves

Beekeeper Gloves

Hive World stock a range of beekeeping gloves to suit everyone.

Top of the range is the beautiful washable leather gloves which will last you for a long time with care.  Super comfortable to wear with a fitted cotton cuff for extra luxury.  Furthermore, they are available in a wide range of sizes from 6 – 12 which means correct fit for everyone!

Our middle range offering is a sturdy leather glove with a strong cotton gauntlet.  These gloves are well made and reliable thus ensuring you will get great service from them.  They are imported from Thomas in France and come in sizes 7-12.

Goatskin gloves provide an economical option as well as being lightweight  to increase dexterity.   Available in sizes Small to XXLarge.  Small will fit a child’s hand (our 7 year old was comfortable in it).  The Ventilated style is available in sizes Large to XXL.

As well, we stock Nitrile gloves with a pack discount, ideal for working with chemicals and for a different option to try.

Beekeeping gloves are a very personal choice as it is essential to feel comfortable and be able to carry out your hive management with confidence.

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