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Hive World has a range of popular styles to assist you in ensuring your bees have the best chance of survival through winter and then preparing for the spring/summer honey flow.

We suggest that you leave as much honey as you can in the hive through winter (at least one super).  However, don’t neglect your feeding in the spring.  It is very important to keep a close eye on your bees at this time as it is well known that the strongest hives can be in the worst danger of starving if they are unable to forage due to a patch of bad weather.

Feeders come in varying styles to suit all situations.  Entrance with a beaker are great for your nucs or splitting hives.  Portable entrance are a good way to give extra water to the hive as well as being easy to see how much the bees are getting without disturbing the hive.  Top feeders are an ideal solution for winter when you do not want to open up the hive (and chill it down).  Frame styles are easy for the bees to access and are safe from robbing.   Our 3/4 depth divided frame feeder enables you to give your bees two different  feeds at the same time.

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