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Beekeeper Protection

Beekeeper Protection

When approaching your beehives, you want to be well covered with no vulnerable bits for nasty natured bees to take advantage of.  (I know there are lots of beekeepers who scorn the protection of gloves and veils.  However,  for the rest of us it greatly adds to our enjoyment of beekeeping to be able to work our hives with confidence).


It is important to find a comfortable, well-made beesuit in which you feel safe with the maximum visibility.  We can guarantee this with our Sherriff suits but not everyone is convinced of this so we have options.

Our Hive World Ventilated beesuits and jackets are a superior ventilated style suit that will keep you covered and comfortable.   Our Hive World Pro beesuit is a quality regular style beesuit with all the features you require for working the apiary.  Our latest style is the Hive World Ranger, a quality light-weight suit made from close-weave polycotton for coolness and strength.  This is also available as a jacket.  Our children’s beesuits are available in sizes 120 – 150cm.

Beekeeper Tip:  Choose clothing that is light in colour as bees are inclined to look on dark colours as a possible future nesting site if they are feeling swarm-ish!  Of course the mesh on your veil needs to be dark for enhanced visibility.

Due to the clarity of the mesh, many beekeepers like our Handy Hood as the visibility is so superior.  This is especially useful when doing queen work or checking your brood.  The Beefarmer top is also an option for easy wear protection.


With gloves there is a wide selection.  They are a very personal choice.  Some like a less bulky style so they can feel what they are doing while others prefer a thick gauntlet.  It is ideal if you are able to come to us and choose your gloves from our selection.  Otherwise let us know the size of your clenched fist (not including the fingers) and we will work out the correct size for you.

Other Useful Aids

Apifuge bee calm aerosol is a handy product for using when you wish to deter bees from attacking.  Simply spray on clothing and hands to ensure the bees won’t bother you.  This product is a great idea for those involved in transporting bees by helicopter or other situations where you maybe unable to wear a suit due to safety and visibility reasons.