Hive World supply all you need to set up your hive boxes ready to go.  You can order a complete Hive World Starter Kit (all you need except the bees) or a Budget Kit (good if you are requiring extra hives).  As well as these easy options we also now offer a range of Ready-to-Go boxes for you to select from.

Paradise Hiveware:

A deluxe option for your bees comfort with the advantage of extra productivity.  See our special section on this well-proven product.

Nuc Boxes:

Supplied either as a ready-to-go package or in flat pack for easy delivery.  Remember to order hive lid and mat if choosing the flat pack option.  Check out our Nuc Boxes section

Siting Your Hives:

Although it can travel several kilometres to search for a source of nectar and pollen, the worker bee prefers to work within a kilometre radius.  The presence of nectar producing plants nearby will be favourable to the healthy development of your colonies. Proximity of water is also important especially at the end of winter and spring when the nurse bees dilute the honey intended for the larvae.  The use of suitable drinking troughs will prevent any shortage. Avoid very wet or flood prone sites.  Choose a favourable environment, sheltered from the wind with as much sunshine as possible. Don't forget to maintain access to the hives by regularly cutting back shrubby plants that could hinder the bees foraging.

Bee Aware:

If you are placing several hives on the same site, ideally you should space them from 1-2 metres apart to make your visits easy.  Similarly, in order to minimize bee drift, position them in an irregular line with variable space between and with different orientation for the bee flight paths.