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APIVAR Varroa treatment

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APIVAR Varroa treatment (like Apitraz) is the reciprocal treatment for Bayvarol varroa treatment.  These two products are designed to be used alternatively each six months to prevent resistance building up in the varroa mite.

Hive World sells this in either multiples of 1 x 10 strip pack or 1 x 2strip packs for your convenience.

It is now recognised practice to use multiple treatment types over the whole season to ensure you keep your varroa level under control.

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  • Description

    Hive World stocks APIVAR Varroa treatment:

    • Use Apivar as a reciprocal treatment for Bayvarol.  In other words, apply one product in the Autumn and the other in the Spring.
    • supplied in multiples of 1 x 10 strip packet or as 1 x 2 strip for the convenience of the single hive owner.
    • Due to the build-up of resistance to chemical products by the varroa mite, it is necessary to keep a close eye on your hives year round.  Alternative treatments are available if you discover rising levels of mites between treatments.  See oxalic treatments:  or
    • Do not use Apivar Varroa Treatment more than once a year.  This will ensure the mites cannot build up resistance to the product.
    • It is very important to use the strips exactly as directed.  Always be sure to remove them from the hive at the end of the 10 week treatment period.

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