Packaging options

This is your concern now you have come to the end of the honey trail.  Your beautiful product is ready to put on the market.  It just needs to be packed in jars and presented attractively, ready for buyers or as a top of the range gift for someone special.
  • We can supply PET jars for you from stock.  750ml (1kg) hexagon, 400ml (500g) and 200ml (250g) square clear jars all with sealing lids.
  • For a special presentation we have got jute bags in stock  - see our range below.
  • A little bit of bee motif ribbon strategically added can give a WOW factor to your product.
  • Bee pins also add a folksy touch or even our standout stickers!
The other important packaging is for comb honey and Hive World sells the premium product for this:
  • English wooden sections to pop in your hive for the bees to fill up.  We also stock the cardboard cases to use for packing this top product.
For an economical option we sell 8 x 250g plastic 3/4 depth frame kits or 12 x 250g plastic full depth frame kits.  Have a try and enjoy the results!