Oxalic stripsOxalic strips -

Hive World supplies all the materials required for manufacturing oxalic strips using beekeepers friend or dry wall strips, oxalic acid and food-grade glycerine. Combat varroa in your hive the economical and eco-friendly way:
  • Oxalic/glycerine strips are made using a 40-60 ratio of oxalic powder to food-grade glycerine.
  • Our handy packs come with full instructions on how to manufacture.
  • Available in either 100 strip or 300 strip handy packs.
  • We can also supply larger quantities - contact us for your personal quotation.
  • All the necessary ingredients for manufacture of the strips are available for purchase separately as required.
  • This treatment can be used year round with no harm to the honey flow or ill-effect on the bees.
  • Varroa do not build up resistance to oxalic making it an effective option in the war on this pest.
  • Oxalic is also a natural product (think of rhubarb leaves and oxalis) so will not harm the environment.
  • Do remember that oxalic is an acid and precautions need to be taken to prevent any harm to yourself.  Wear protective gloves and a mask when working with this product.