Tools and Consumables: Here you will find all the tools and consumables you will need to manage your hives.

Our range includes:

  • basic hive tools
  • uncapping tools
  • "charme des abeilles" bee charm spray to attract swarms to new hives.
  • Two special products we'd like to bring to your attention are our "Big Brute" harvest tool and the "Turbo-Pro" uncapper.

We stock a wide range of smokers

  • from the economical workhorse through to top quality, made in England  "Empire" stainless steel thoroughbreds.
  • Also available is  "Apifuge" a useful spray for clothing and hands to assist in deterring bees.

Have a browse through the following selection before making your choice.

  • Beehive Smoker European style


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  • Beekeepers Tool Belt


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  • Bulk Buy Hive Tools

  • Empire Smoker


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  • Hive World Big Brute hivetool


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  • Plastic Handle Capping Scratcher


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  • Pocket Hive tool


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  • Replacement smoker tank


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  • Ripper Style Hive Tool


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  • Stainless steel American style hivetool


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  • Stainless Steel Smoker


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  • Bee Brush


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