Bayvarol packet of 4 strips



Bayvarol  Strips for varroa treatment:

  • Foil packet contains 4 strips.  Once opened contents need to be used within 6 – 8 weeks or discarded.
  • Easy and safe to use – simply inset between frames in brood box.  For healthy strong colonies use 4 strips per brood chamber;  in weaker or new colonies 2 strips per brood chamber is sufficient.
  • Leave in hive for 6 – 8 weeks
  • Best used in early spring before the honey flow or late summer after honey harvest.  However, it can be used any time if there are severe infestations of mites.
  • Bayvarol strips are used as a rotational treatment with Apitraz. Use one in Spring and the other in Autumn to prevent varroa resistance.
  • Quantity price option for 5 packets.
  • Take care to keep product out of direct sunlight as the active ingredients can be destroyed very easily.
  • Carefully follow instructions on the packet to ensure you do not under-treat your hives.  This is an important precaution to help avoid resistance building up in the varroa mite.


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1 pack, 5 pack

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