Food Grade Glycerine



Hive World supplies Food Grade Glycerine:

  • 6 Kg plastic containers of vegetable based food grade Glycerine.
  • Suitable for mixing with oxalic acid.
  • Soak BKF strips: or Dry Wall Shim strips: to provide you with an economical option for treating your hives.
  • We recommend you test your mixture on a few hives to ensure you have the right mix.  The recommended mix is 40/60 volume oxalic acid to glycerine.   Use approximately 1 x 6kg glycerine to 1 x 4kg oxalic acid. –
  • Be very careful how you mix this – DO NOT OVERHEAT when dissolving the acid.  Ensure the temperature is not above 60 degrees celsius.
  • Do not use an aluminium pot as it will react with the acid.
  • Soak strips in a  (preferably covered) plastic bucket or bin until totally wet through.
  • Store until ready to use.  Do not place dripping strips in your hives.
  • These strips are left in the hive for only 8-10 weeks then removed (same as regular treatments).  Check after 4 weeks as bees can chew their way through them therefore they may need to be replaced!


Additional information

Weight 6.265 kg
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 28.5 cm

6kg Jerrycan, 25Kg Pail

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