The Paradise Hiveware System from Finland provides a healthy environment for your bees all year round. This is achieved due to the excellent thermal property of the EPS100 (Expanded Polystyrene) product used in their manufacture.  This ensures your bees are able to use all their energy in brood and honey production as they do not have to work so hard to warm the hive.

Read on to discover: Benefits of the Paradise Polystyrene Beehives

  • Improved Overwintering:  Dry and warm through cold and damp winters thus increasing the survival rate and overall health of your bee colonies.  These hives also enable bees to be productive through extremely hot summers. This is due to the excellent thermal performance which provides a healthy environment for honeybees all year round.  Traditional wooden hives are susceptible to condensation build-up thus exposing colonies to diseases such as Nosema.  The Paradise system provides more than six times the insulation value of a wooden hive and provides the same protective thermal mass as if they were living in a large hollow tree.
  • Faster Spring Buildup:  The queen is able to lay right out to the edge frames in the brood chamber due to the consistent temperature and additional warmth of the Paradise hive.  As a result there is a faster buildup in spring providing a large productive hive earlier in the season.
  • Increased Honey Production:  You can expect 30-35% increase in honey production per hive with the Paradise system.  If you are a commercial beekeeper then this is a no-brainer.
  • Optimised for Varroa Control: The Paradise hive comes with Varroa mesh as a standard fit in the hive bottom.  This makes Varroa management easier as any mites that drop to the base will fall through the mesh and perish.  It is easy to slot a corflute plate in the grooves under the mesh to monitor your mite drop.
  • Reduced Weight and Ergonomic Design:  The reduced weight is a significant advantage making your hives easier to handle and transport.  This is especially helpful for commercial operations who are moving large numbers of hives.  Comfortable moulded handgrips are easy to grip.  The stepped profile on the top and bottom edges of the beebox interlocks the boxes together.  This eliminates water penetration during wet weather.
  • Integrated Feeding System:  The Paradise hive top feeding system integrates seamlessly into the beehive.  This is a convenient size 10 litre feeder that is easy to install and remove.  As a plus, the feeder comes with a polycarbonate beesaver.
  • Reduced Swarming:  The Queen Trap System is an optional addition to the Paradise system.  When this is installed on your queen excluder it traps the queen in the brood chamber.  Any attempt by the colony to swarm will be unsuccessful as the queen is unable to join them.   As a result, the swarming bees return to the hive as soon as they discover that the queen is not with them.
  • Easy to Assemble:  The Paradise beebox is simple to assemble.  All you need to do is apply an exterior grade PVC glue to the joints and press the componentry together.  The hive bottoms only require the mesh to be attached (it simply clips into place).   The hive tops require no assembly.  It is advisable to apply two coats of paint to your beeboxes to protect them.  A useful tip with the top feeder is to apply a light coat of sand underneath the bee saver while still wet.  This gives grip for the bees.
Assembly videos below:

Environmental Advantages:

  • As the EPS100 product is 100% inert and does not give off any chemicals it provides an extremely safe  environment for your bees.   Neither Chloroflourocarbons (CFC's) nor Hydrochloroflourocarbons (HCFC's) are used in the manufacture of expanded polystyrene.
  • EPS is the lightest of all construction materials in common use thereby minimizing environmental impact (and cost) associated with the movement of heavy boxes.  This is a particular advantage to commercial beekeepers who move their boxes several times a year.
  • EPS beehives have a significantly longer life than traditional wooden hives - lasting up to 30 years.  It is a recyclable product at many stages of its life cycle:  even during production any manufacturing waste can be fully reprocessed by milling into pellets and adding to the production mix without any detriment to the quality of the finished EPS product.
With all of the Paradise Hiveware System products we offer quantity discounts for the purchase of 10x, 50x and 100x each product.  Please get in touch with us to organise this for you.  You will find the discount prices offered on each product for your information but the website purchase price relates to purchases of up to 9 of each product.