Hive World's own manufacture:  the Paraffin Dipping Tank. Would you like to be able to paraffin dip your own supers, baseboards and other wooden bee-gear? The Hive World Paraffin Wax Dipping tank - carefully designed to make this potentially dangerous job safer and easier. No need to put your hands anywhere near the hot wax.  The boxes are lowered into the wax as you close one lid.  When they are ready to remove from the tank, opening the lid brings them out of the wax without needing to touch them.  The two lids with clamps allow two boxes to be dipping while you are securing the next boxes ready on the other lid.  While the second lot are being dipped, the first ones quickly drain and are ready for you to paint and replace with the next lot for dipping. Dipping two boxes at a time keeps you or your worker fully employed therefore no time wasting!  Clamping boxes, painting and stacking completed supers is a great way to spend a cold winter's day!

  • Lids have drain holes to allow the drained wax to return to tank
  • The sides of the tank are insulated
  • Tank comes with overflow pipe in case of boil-over
  • Temperature gauge for correct/safe temperature regulation
  • Includes 2 x 4 ring gas burners
IMPORTANT:  Always wear protective gloves and keep a fire extinguisher close at hand for accidents. Testimonials from satisfied customers state that they have tried cheaper models but this is #THE BEST# Sadly, we are no longer manufacturing this product.