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Hive Accessories

Hive Accessories

Hive World stocks the necessary hive accessories to ensure your hive is secure and safe both inside and out.

Adding an entrance reducer (or mouseguard) allows the bees to control their entrance easier thus assisting them to keep out robbing bees and wasps as well as prohibiting mice free access to the cosy hive.  Easily reversed to prevent the bees leaving the hive when transporting, but still allowing adequate ventilation.

The nucleus disc works in much the same way on a smaller scale – this is generally used on the nuc box.

HiveGate:  the latest weapon in the fight against wasps and robbing.  This New Zealand invention brings the entrance opening right into the hive so any intruder is met by bees in force.  Reducing the entrance in this way also allows the bees to control the internal ambience of the hive resulting in less stress and stronger colonies.

Use queen excluders to prevent the queen laying brood in the honey supers.  Remove the queen excluder for winter to allow the queen to move into the warmest part of the hive.

Introducing our 3 styles of queen excluder:

  1. Metal Grid – built in bee space due to wooden frame as well as being easy to clean.  (Use our queen excluder cleaning shovel).
  2. Rigid plastic – built in bee space and easy maintenance.
  3. Flexible plastic grilles – unbeatable value for money and easy to clean by bending.

Hive straps hold your hive together through storms and animal attacks (bumping cows?).  Select from woven polyester or galv metal options.

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