Hive Management is the nitty-gritty of caring for your buzzing beauties.  We stock a wide range of products to assist you.  Coping with the reality of  thousands of bees in situ will be a breeze!

  1. Beekeeper Protection:  First essential, beesuits and gloves.  With several options available, everyone can find something that suits them.
  2. A good Smoker:  Check out our top-of-the-range Empire, handmade in U.K.  We also stock a jumbo smoker with a 25cm high barrel for longer lasting smoke when working the hives.  Our European style smoker has a replaceable inner to lengthen the life of your smoker.
  3. Hive Tools:  From our Big Brute harvest tool through to the tiny pocket hive tool, there is something to suit everyone's style: traditional J-hook, the Kelly style, Pro-hook or the multi-purpose Ripper.
  4. Varroa Treatment/Bee Health:  Mineral Bee supplement contains all the goodness found in Pollen and Honey to keep your bees at their peak all year round.  For Varroa treatment, we provide Oxalic/Glycerine treatments, the Sublimox suitable for commercial users as well as Vapmite for hobbyists.  We also stock the traditional treatments  Bayvarol and Apivar.  Remember, the more variations you use, the better chance you have of staying on top of this problem.
  5. Queen Rearing/ Swarm Management
  6. Security:  Registration No. Stencils /Wasp management using the NZ patented HiveGate tunnel.