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For your convenience, Hive World now sells two Oxalic/Glycerine Handy Pack options:

The Oxalic/Glycerine Handy Pack 100 – This includes 2.2kg of Glycerine, 2x 750g jars of Oxalic Acid and 100x BKF strips along with instructions to make your own varroa strips.  This is a convenient, cost effective pack for the hobbyist.  Sufficient for 1 x treatment for up to 25 hives (using 4x strips per hive).

The Oxalic/Glycerine Handy Pack 300 –  This pack includes 6kg Glycerine, 4kg Oxalic Acid, 300x DWS Strips along with complete instructions for home manufacture.  This quantity will be sufficient for 1 x treatment for up to 75 hives (using 4x strips per hive).

We suggest making all the mixture at once and soaking all your strips.  Keep any leftover strips in a lidded plastic container until required (not in a metal pot!).

Beekeepers are looking for a greater variety of treatments to combat varroa as well as coping with growing mite resistance to commonly used chemical treatments.  This is where oxalic has come into its own.  Homemade oxalic and glycerine strips are as easy to apply as bayvarol or apivar strips in the hive.

By law we are not allowed to sell ready-made oxalic/glycerine strips.  However, there are instructional videos and plenty of advice available on their manufacture.

To find out more about using Oxalic/Glycerine as a varroa treatment take a look at the following website:


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