Honey Treatment is necessary in the following situations:

  • After honey has been kept for a length of time, especially at lower temperatures it will tend to solidify and sometimes crystallizes.
  • Certain types of honey, such as pohutukawa, are very susceptible to crystallization.  In no way does this affect the quality of the honey and you can easily remedy crystallization by gentle heating.   Do not overheat the honey however, as this can destroy the health benefits inherent in natural honey.
  • Creaming honey is a way of preventing crystallization by seeding with 10% of pre-creamed honey.  You then mix it regularly over a period of a couple of weeks.  Either use creamed honey left over from your last years crop or buy some from the shop.  See our blog -https://www.hiveworld.co.nz/keeping-your-honey-part-2/

If you are working with commercial quantities:

Take a look at our 75kg creamers from Civan in Turkey.  Alternatively, we do supply to order a specially manufactured mixer to use on your own drum or honey tank - contact us for a personalised quote.