What’s going on this month in the hive?

What tasks do I need to do to ensure hive health?

September in the hive

As the days grow warmer the queen steadily increases her brood-laying.  This means more stores are consumed.

Beekeeper Tasks

  • Have a peek in the hive on the first warm day when the bees are flying.  If there is no sealed honey in the top frames, you may need to begin emergency feeding of sugar syrup.  Once you start feeding, you will have to continue until the bees are bringing in their own feed.
  • Apply Varroa treatment if you haven’t already.
  • Check all brood frames for AFB.
  • Check pollen stores and feed supplements if required.
  • Remove vegetation around hives.
  • Hives can be split later in the month when there are plenty of adult drones present.
  • Unite any weak or queenless hives with stronger queenright hives.
  • Have swarm equipment ready for emergencies.