What’s going on this month in the hive?

What tasks do I need to do to ensure hive health?

April in the hive

Activity slows down as the bees prepare for winter.

Beekeeper Tasks

  • Watch out for robbing.
  • Insulate and ventilate hives.  Add entrance reducer/mouse guards.
  • Set up a wind break if necessary.  Remove weeds and check hives are protected from stock.
  • Prepare winter feeding – ensure enough supplies for winter.  If necessary, feed sugar syrup later in the month before it is too cold for the bees to store.  Bear in mind however, if you feed while the temperature is still warm, it will stimulate more brood production which is not what you are wanting!
  • Remove February varroa treatments – do varroa check and re-treat if necessary.
  • Check bottom boards and replace or repair any rotten or damaged hive parts.  Scrape off excess wax.