Click the link below to watch an amazing video of a queen emerging: Queen raising is a fascinating as well as an important part of beekeeping.
  • The queen should be replaced every two years to ensure the healthy growth of the hive.  This will also reduce problems with swarming.
Every beekeeper needs to understand the amazing way a living hive works rather than just collecting honey from their supers.  It is fascinating to study the relationship of all the bees in the hive organism.

Spend time researching the theory and finding out all you can before you start your queen raising adventure. 

Hive World's queen-rearing products will then enable you to undertake this interesting task with confidence.  We recommend the Hambly Queen Dial as an invaluable educational tool to assist you on the path to success.

We have two methods of queen breeding available.

  • The traditional grafting tool  is used to transfer the larvae into queen cell cups.   The larvae should be less than 24 hours old in order to produce the strongest queens.  Grafting is the oldest and most universally used method of queen rearing.
  • The second method is the nicot style kit.  This way,  the queen is locked in the cage and lays directly in the cups thereby avoiding the need of grafting.    There is a certain amount of setting up to do in this method, however less ongoing supervision is needed.  We have a video which will provide you with all the information you need.