Hive World supplies a good range of products to assist you in uncapping and extracting the honey from your frames. This is the rewarding part of bee husbandry, the sweet prize for enduring all those stings! You have a choice of:
  • manual and electric extractors (see our blog for information on what type to purchase )
  • serrated and electric uncapping knives
  • uncapping roller (excellent for using with manuka honey)
  • capping scratcher
  • strainers 
  • nylon, stainless and perfection honey gates
Our uncapping tray holds your frames while you uncap them and allows them to drain into the large container (included).  Store your frames securely in the container until you are ready to harvest them. Our 20L pails are sturdy and come with a honey gate and sealable lid to store your honey in.  As well we stock a range of stainless steel honey settling tanks complete with strainer and tap - sizes 50kg to 225kg.

To make it simple:

we have put together two different  handy extracting bundles for you to choose from which include all your requirements for harvesting.

For small to medium commercial who wish to control their own extraction process:

We now stock 8-frame returnable cassette extractors from Civan in Turkey.  As well as this, we have a 20-frame uncapping tank with an optional vertical electrical uncapper to make your life easier.