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All About Bees

All About Bees – Gifts for the Bee Lover:

Hive World stock some interesting products you can give to your favourite beekeeper any time of year!  From umbrellas to toolbelts, from soap to teatowels.  (Don’t forget a pair of beautiful washable protective leather gloves from Peauceros in France or a Sherriff beesuit …)

Our expanding range now includes cute bee themed fridge magnets and keyrings.  As we find more interesting items –  watch this hot space!

Take a look at the reading material section – hints on ways to use your beeswax as a starter as well as Honey Cookery.  A useful book for the family reference shelf is “Insect Bites and Stings”.  Our essential starter kit book “Starting with Bees” is also a good beginning read.

Ideas for the young bee enthusiast include childrens beesuits and activity ideas such as a cardboard model hive and a cut-out and colour informative wheel chart.  “My First Honeybee Book” is an easy to read source of knowledge about these amazing insects.  We also stock the Honeysticks range of non-toxic crayons and colouring books ideal for toddlers.