All About Bees - Gifts for the Bee Lover:

Hive World stock some interesting products you can give to your favourite beekeeper any time of year!
  • From toolbelts, through soap to teatowels.
  • Don't forget a pair of beautiful washable protective leather gloves from Peauceros in France or a Hive World Ranger beesuit ...

Take a look at the reading material section:

  • A useful book for the family reference shelf is "Insect Bites and Stings".
  • Our essential starter kit book "Starting with Bees" is also a good beginning read.
  • For informative entertainment read "Bees in the Backyard" or "A Beekeepers Year" for an enjoyable way of imbibing the facts on making bees an intimate part of your life.

Ideas for the young bee enthusiast include:

  • childrens beesuits
  • Honeysticks pure beeswax crayons and colouring books