Hive World Ventilated Base


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Hive World’s Ventilated Base:

  • Ready to go assembled sturdy wooden hive base with H4 treated bearers and floor boards paraffin dipped for long life.
  • Quality stainless steel mesh screen inserted for ventilation and varroa control.
  • Complete with removable corflute sheet to insulate in cold weather as well as enable easy varroa checking.  This sheet slides onto specially placed lathe to hold it safely in position.
  • The Hive World Ventilated Base will help keep the moisture content down in the hive.  (Just like our own homes, hives need an airflow to prevent excess condensation).
  • The screen aids the bees in getting rid of debris and makes it easy for you to do a varroa count from the corflute shelf.

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Weight 3.07 kg
Dimensions 53.5 × 41 × 11 cm

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