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Kitset Nuc Box

$25.65 Excluding GST

Hive World supplies Kitset Nuc Boxes for you to hive a small colony of bees – usually a package, swarm or split.

Constructed in New Zealand from local materials and supplied flat pack for economy of handling.

Nuc boxes are useful for:

Hive World also supplies Galv lids and hive mats for nuc boxes.


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  • Description

    Hive World supplies  a Kitset Nuc Box:

    • solid New Zealand manufactured timber kitset nuc box all ready to courier, supplied flat pack for economy.
    • assemble your own boxes over winter so you are ready to house your splits and mating nucs when the season begins.
    • Hive World also sells nuc box galv lids as well as hive mats to fit.

    Why do you need a Nuc?

    Nuc Boxes are part of a hive management plan.  They are used to hold a swarm, for queen mating as well as for re-queening.  Other uses are included below as well as a bit more information for you on these topics.

    •  useful for holding frames while you inspect your hives as well as for when you redistribute resources between your hives.
    • Kitset Nuc Boxes are great as a swarmcatcher.  Firstly bait the box with some spare comb and for extra insurance smear some swarm lure such as Charme des Abeilles inside the box.  Place near the swarm or in a likely place for a swarm to appear.
    • Use as a mating nuc for raising queens.  See this site for information on how to accomplish this:
    • Always keep some nucs handy for emergency splits and swarm events.  There’s nothing like being prepared for all eventualities!
    • I’ve seen some multi-purpose suggestions for nuc boxes:  as a toolbox in the apiary yard (add a handle) or even a mobile battery holder!   Beekeepers are nothing if not original- way to go!

    Additional information

    Weight 5.155 kg
    Dimensions 51 × 24.5 × 12 cm