Hive Mat


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The Hive mat  (also known as a crown board):

  • comes in two sizes:  22mm rim regular (finished size 510 x 410;  hardboard measurement 478 x 375) and  nuc which is a finished size of 510 x 228 (hardboard measurement:  478 x 193mm).
  • Insulates your supers from temperature extremes.
  • helps to prevent condensation inside the hive.
  • Using a hive mat will prevent your lid from being propolized down and therefore unable to be removed.
  • Made from kiln dried rims with a tempered hardboard sheet
  • Use the regular hive mat for making your own escape boards when harvesting honey.  Simply add a porter, metal-corner or 8-way bee escape.  (The Hive World assembled escape board )
  • If using with a top feeder, make a small hole in the centre to allow the bees access to the feeder.
  • For quantity pricing, please call us.

Additional information

Weight 1.245 kg
Dimensions 51 × 41 × 2.3 cm

Regular Hive mat, nuc Hive mat, 40mm hive mat

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