Complete Paradise 10-Frame Hive


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Hive World supplies the Complete Paradise 10-Frame Hive in both 3/4 and Full Depth options:

  • Made in Finland from EPS100 (an expanded high-density polystyrene).
  • Due to the excellent thermal performance of this product the Paradise 10-Frame Hive Complete provides a year round comfort zone for your bees.  Dry and insulated, therefore warmer through the winter and cooler in the heat of summer.
  • As a result, the bees are healthier and more active:  the hive builds up sooner in spring and their honey production increases by up to 30%.
  • Easy to assemble, the body pieces only require exterior grade PVC applied to the joints before pressing the componentry together.  The hive top and feeder are ready to go.  Finally, the aluminium varroa net is easily attached onto the hive base using self-tapping screws.
  • To ensure long life and prevent the bees nibbling the polystyrene, apply two coats of exterior grade acrylic paint to your hive.
  • The Complete Paradise 10-Frame hive consists of 1 x hive top (with belt supports), 1 x hive bottom with alu-net to aid with varroa treatment and ventilation.  As well, 2 x langstroth bodies:  your choice of 3/4 or full depth with plastic profiles to support the frames.  To complete your hive we include an entrance reducer with 2 x shutters, a 10L top feeder with plexiglass cover bee saver and a queen excluder.
  • Keep updated on the current responsibilities you have as a beekeeper.  Visit the AFB site for up to date information:


  • (Contact us for quotation and confirmation either by email:  [email protected] or by phone:  0800 000 770)
  • Full Depth x 10 – $174.97 each,  x 50 – $168.82 each,  x 100 – $156.88 each.
  • 3/4 Depth x 10 – $166.58 each, x 50 – $160.72 each,  x 100 – $149.35 each
  • NB:  These prices do not include GST.

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3/4 Depth Hive, Full Depth Hive

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