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Pre-cut Beeswax for Comb Honey

$3.04$10.00 Excluding GST

Hive World supplies packages of ready-cut thin beeswax foundation to use in your Hive World comb honey system.

Suitable for our English Sections,  250g plastic comb honey boxes and our 500g plastic comb honey boxes.

Choose your desired size in the drop down option below.

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  • Description

    Hive World supplies pre-cut beeswax for comb honey sections.

    This is accurately cut to fit our 3 different comb honey section boxes:

    • HNB-CS28 – a pack of 28 thin beeswax foundation pieces 104mm x 105mm.  Pre-cut to fit our Wooden English Sections.
    • HNB-CS08 – a pack of 8 thin beeswax foundation pieces 94mm x 61mm.  Pre-cut to fit our Hive World 3/4 depth Comb Honey System.
    • HNB-CS06 – a pack of 6 thin beeswax foundation pieces 134mm x 91mm.  Pre-cut to fit our 6 x 500g Full depth Plastic Quick-Clip frame system.

    Simply choose your required size in the drop-down box above in order to select quantity required.

    Pre-cut from premium New Zealand beeswax thin foundation especially for your convenience.

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    English 28 pack, 8x250g pack, 6 x 500g pack