F/D wax Foundation Thin Brood



Wax foundation thin super:

  • Full Depth thin wax foundation size:  422 x 212mm
  • Made only from cappings beeswax to ensure that this wax foundation is high purity and a very light colour.  This is due to it being mainly used in the production of comb honey.
  • Thin Super makes it very easy to line your comb honey cassettes, an easy way to let the bees do all the work in producing the comb ready to package!
  • Great for cutting into comb yourself for packaging.
  • Always ensure that you are harvesting outside of the tutin danger times (January to April) when producing comb honey in areas where tutin is a problem.  This is something to be aware of anywhere in the North Island and top of the South.  Especial areas of concern are Coromandel,  Eastern Bay of Plenty and Marlborough.
  • Price shown is for 10 x sheets.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 21.2 × 1 cm

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