Wire Embedder Tool


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A wire embedder tool is used to embed the wire into wax foundation on an assembled frame.  The wheel on the embedder is specially designed to run along the wire thus pressing it firmly into the foundation.

To embed your wax:

Simply lay the foundation in the frame with the wires on top so you can easily run the wheel along the wire.  It is necessary to heat the embedder thus softening the wax and ensuring the wire embeds firmly.  This results in a stronger foundation for your bees to build on.

Advantages of using a wheel-type Wire Embedder Tool:

This method won’t overdo the heat in contrast to using electric wire embedding methods.  These can result in a melted pile of wax if you are over keen!

Because you are manually heating the tool, many beekeepers buy two tools and have one warming while they use the other.

The Spur Wheel Wax Embedder features one brass embedding wheel with a concave groove which hugs the wire firmly as it runs along.  Solid brass construction ensures long life and durability.

Do not use these tools with crimped wire.


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