Hive World Comb Honey System.



The HiveWorld Comb Honey System:

  • available in either Full Depth size (12 cassettes) or 3/4 Depth (8 cassettes)
  • 1 x timber frame, specially made in order to take either 8 or 12 x 250g plastic sections (included).
  • Thin beeswax foundation pre-cut to fit the sections
  • Clear plastic lids to cover the sections once they are filled.
  • Easy to use, simply hang the frame in your super in the peak of the spring honey flow to ensure the best results.  Comb honey needs to be filled and capped quickly to look its best.
  • Be aware of the tutin risk if your hives are located in a danger area for this toxic plant.  Honeycomb will need to be tested.
  • The HiveWorld Comb Honey System is an economical option to produce just a few comb honey sections to try out your skill (or, I should say, your bees skill!).  Once you have got your confidence you can fill your whole super!
  • Plastic comb honey refills are available to purchase:


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3/4 Depth, Full Depth

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