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Cellophane Bags

$13.39 Excluding GST

Cellophane bags in packs of 28 to protect your comb sections and prevent leakage in the cardboard cases.  These bags will enhance your product while protecting the honeycomb for the market.

Ensure your product is untainted and well presented.  Place the comb section inside the bag and then fit it snugly inside the cardboard cover.

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  • Description
  • Description

    Hive World supplies cellophane bags to fit our sections in the Hive World Comb Honey Section Rack.

    • Ensures your beautiful honeycomb is totally protected and ready for sale.
    • The bagged comb fits  snuggly inside the cardboard case thus preventing leakage.
    • Clear cellophane allows your premium product to still be seen to advantage whilst protecting from damage.
    • Maintains hygienic standards as well as product freshness.
    • Each bag measures 110 x 265mm with a 55mm gusset.
    • Available in packs of 28 bags for convenience.