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Apibox Maxi Comb Honey System


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Hive World supplies the Apibox Maxi comb honey system suitable for using in your Langstroth hives:

  • Comb honey production with a difference!
  • The Apibox Maxi system comes as a completely self-contained set consisting of a basswood frame with 24 plastic PET boxes which are placed 12 on each side.
  • The basswood frame is wider than the standard frame (35mm) so it can support two rows of boxes.
  • We also supply 24 pack PET refills so you can re-use your frame next season.
  • The bottom of each box has a honeycomb texture on which the bees can build honeycomb without the need to insert any wax foundation.  (Lightly spraying or brushing with beeswax would be advantageous however).
  • Apibox sections can hold up to around 125g of honeycomb each.
  • Once the bees have filled the boxes, simply remove from frame and close with the supplied lid and voila!  You have a ready to sell product.
  • The boxes are made from PET plastic.  This is a safe, non-toxic and recyclable material suitable for storage of food and beverages.
  • Always remember the rules for harvesting comb honey.  Do not harvest comb honey after December in tutin-affected areas and ensure you test a sample of the comb before sale.
  • For the best results set your apibox system up in a strong hive at the peak of the early summer flow.

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 49.5 × 24.5 × 5 cm

Apibox Complete, Refills only

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