Paradise Nuc & Mate Hive



Hive World are the suppliers of six frame Paradise Nuc & Mate Hive Bee Boxes.

  • This world renowned system provides your bees with the premium conditions for queen rearing.
  • Strong high density polystyrene (100kg/m3) ensures well insulated hives.  As a result, brood establishes earlier in the season than regular hives.
  • The lock-tight construction of the boxes makes for a sturdy product that will last for decades.  These boxes stack easily and thus are easy to transport.
  • A well ventilated design (including a mesh inlay on the base) keeps these hives healthy for your bees.
  •  The boxes should be painted on the outside and can be painted on the inside if required as bees seem to nibble at the polystyrene.
  • The Paradise Nuc & Mate hive is  an ingenious combination that allows you to start off two queens within the one box by using a division board.  Once established, the nuc easily enlarges for wintering over or stepping up to a full size hive.  They are provided with two entrances – the use of an entrance reducer can block off one thereby allowing the box to be used as a regular single nuc.
  • For further information see the Paradise website link below:
  • For those of you worried about burning polystyrene as a result of an AFB infection see the attached report on burning Polystyrene. also see link to environmental report –
  • Please Note – the Nuc & Mate is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Additional information

Weight 3.825 kg
Dimensions 59 × 33 × 38.5 cm

Basic, with 5L Feeder, with Feeder and Division Board

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