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Paradise Nuc & Mate Hive

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There are 3 options when purchasing a Nuc&Mate hive system:

  1. HFP-NMB:  The Basic Nuc&Mate with hive top & ventilated bottom, 1 x nuc body.
  2. HFP-NMBF:  As above plus a 5L top feeder with 2 x plexy beesavers.
  3. HFP-NMBC:  As per option 2 plus a division board.

The Nuc & Mate Hive:
The Nuc & Mate Hive is designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use.  This nucleus hive can be used to expand your beekeeping operation, to sell bees or as an economical mating hive.
The Nuc & Mate Hive is made of food grade, extra hardened, expanded
polystyrene (EPS) with a density of over 100 kg/m3.  With proper use, the
Nuc & Mate Hive will last for several decades.

The bottom board, hive body and top are manufactured with a 6 mm high notch system which locks the parts firmly into each other.   The design ensures  good ventilation as well as ease of transport and stacking.

The Nuc & Mate Hive has a screen bottom board with two 18 mm high
entrances on opposite sides.  In the middle of the bottom board there is a 7 mm wide groove for the divider board so the hive can be used for two separate mating units. The mesh covering the ventilation hole in the bottom board should be secured with two screws. The groove for the dividing board continues up the end walls as well as along the inside of the hive top. The base has scalloped edges that allow a good ventilation and grip.

With the Nuc & Mate Hive two queens can be mated within the same
box by dividing the six frame hive into two three frame mating units. When using as a mating hive, each three frame compartment should be equipped with one frame with emerging brood, one frame containing food
(or a frame feeder) and one foundation frame together with a ripe queen
cell or hatched queen. When the queen is laying, the unit can be reused
for mating another queen. In autumn, the divider is removed and the six
frame colony is overwintered with a young queen.  Then, by the next season,
these nuclei will evolve into valuable honey producing hives.

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  • Description

    Hive World are the suppliers of Paradise Nuc & Mate Hive Bee Boxes.

    • This world renowned system provides your bees with the premium conditions for queen rearing.
    • Strong high density polystyrene (100kg/m3) ensures well insulated hives.  As a result, brood establishes earlier in the season than regular hives.
    • The lock-tight construction of the boxes makes for a sturdy product that will last for decades.  These boxes stack easily and thus are easy to transport.
    • A well ventilated design (including a mesh inlay on the base) keeps these hives healthy for your bees.
    • We recommend painting the boxes inside and out, as bees seem to nibble at the polystyrene otherwise.
    • The Paradise Nuc & Mate hive is  an ingenious combination that allows you to start off two queens within the one box by using a division board.  Once established, the nuc easily enlarges for wintering over or stepping up to a full size hive.  They are provided with two entrances – the use of an entrance reducer can block off one thereby allowing the box to be used as a regular single nuc.
    • For further information see the Paradise website link below:
    • For those of you worried about burning polystyrene as a result of an AFB infection see the attached report on burning Polystyrene. also see link to environmental report –

    Additional information

    Weight 3.825 kg
    Dimensions 59 × 33 × 38.5 cm

    Basic, with 5L Feeder, with Feeder and Division Board