Paradise Hive Top


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Hive World supplies the Paradise Hive Top with 2 Belt Supports:

  • Manufactured from lightweight but strong 65mm thick EPS100 for long-lasting satisfaction.
  • Ergonomic design fits snugly on top of your hive body or feeder.
  • Belt supports prevent damage to the hive top from your hive strap.
  • The stepped profile of the hive top prevents penetration of water into the hive during wet weather.
  • The Paradise Hive Top requires no assembly.
  • Includes a cavity on the underside to allow space to place pollen patties on top of the frames.
  • In normal use the hive top provides a high level of insulation keeping the hive warm in winter.  However, in times of peak honey flow or when increased ventilation is needed you can invert the lid to provide direct access to the honey supers for the forager bees.  This technique is often used in Scandinavia.  As well, this allows drones to escape if the queen has laid drone brood in the honey supers.
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Weight 1.055 kg
Dimensions 55 × 46 × 7.5 cm

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