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Paradise Langstroth Body + 4 plastic profiles

$36.44$40.71 Excluding GST

Paradise Langstroth Body + 4 plastic profiles to protect the edges.  Available in Full Depth or 3/4 Depth sizes.

A long-lasting lightweight option for your hiveware.  Paradise EPS100 (Expanded Polystyrene) is an amazingly strong product that will last up to 30 years.  Its excellent thermal performance provides a healthy environment for your bees all year round.  Keeps the cold and damp out through winter and protects the hive from excessive heat in the summer.

As a result, your bees can use their energy to build up the honey reserves and expand the hive early in the season as they are not wasting their energy keeping the hive at an ambient temperature.

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  • Description

    The Paradise Langstroth Body + 4 plastic profiles:

    • This is the vital part of your Bee Box system where your bees will do their industrious work.
    • Available as either Full Depth (HFP-11855) or 3/4 (HFP-11949) size boxes.
    • Made of EPS100 (Expanded Polystyrene) that will last for up to 30 years.
    • Lightweight but with the equivalent thermal density of a comfortable hollow tree to provide your bees with an optimum climate.
    • Comes in flatpack for economical shipping and locks together easily.  Simply glue the joints with an exterior quality PVC glue and push together.
    • It is recommended to apply at least two coats of paint to protect your hive and prevent the bees nibbling the polystyrene.
    • We offer quantity price breaks for this product:
    • Full Depth Boxes:  10+ $39.35 each, 50+ $37.99 each, 100+ $35.28 each.
    • 3/4 Depth Boxes:  10+ $35.24 each,  50+ $34.02 each,  100+ $31.59 each.
    • NB:  These prices are GST exclusive.
    • Please contact us to arrange a quotation either  by email: or phone: 0800 000 770.

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    Weight 1.9 kg
    Dimensions 54.5 × 24 × 19 cm

    ¾ Depth, Full Depth