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Paradise 10L Feeder

$28.87 Excluding GST

Paradise 10L Feeder to use with your Paradise hiveware.

Ergonomic design fits seamlessly between your beebox and the hive lid.

Supplied with 1 x polycarbonate bee saver.

Pricing breaks available for 10 x product, 50 x product and 100 x product.  Please contact us for quotation either on phone:  0800 000 770 or email:

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  • Description

    Hive World supplies the Paradise 10L Feeder:

    • Comes with 1 x polycarbonate glass bee saver to prevent your bees drowning in the syrup.
    • Sturdy 10L feeder specifically designed to sit on top of your frames and just under the hive lid on your Paradise Hive.
    • We recommend you apply a couple of coats of paint to the outside of the feeder to protect your hive and prevent the bees nibbling the polystyrene!
    • It is a good idea to do four coats of paint to the inside of the feeder.  This ensures that syrup doesn’t soak into the polystyrene and cause mould build-up.
    • Apply a light layer of sand to the inside slope where the bees access the feeder while the first coat is still wet.  This provides grip for the bees to avoid slipping into the syrup.
    • As with all Paradise hiveware, this 10L feeder is manufactured from EPS100.  This is an amazingly strong but lightweight expanded polystyrene product.
    • Ergonomic design ensures the feeder fits seamlessly into the hive.  Easy to add or remove when necessary.
    • Large capacity saves you re-feeding too often.
    • The polycarbonate glass beesaver allows you to observe the bees while feeding without disturbing them.

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    Weight 1.305 kg
    Dimensions 55 × 46 × 11.5 cm