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Paradise Nuc&Mate 5L Feeder

$27.39 Excluding GST

Paradise Nuc&Mate 5L Feeder with 2 x plexy covers to fit your Nuc&Mate Hive.

Double ended feeding to allow for two nucs per box.

Made from lightweight but strong EPS100 expanded polystyrene that integrates seamlessly into the beehive.  Easy to install and remove when feeding is required.

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  • Description

    Hive World supplies the Paradise Nuc&Mate 5L Feeder with 2 x plexy bee savers:

    • Ergonomic design to fit snugly on your Nuc&Mate between the nuc box and the lid.
    • Two separate entrances to the feeder with 2 x plexy bee savers.  This allows you to have two nucs going in your Nuc&Mate at the same time (three frames of bees each).
    • You can observe your bees feeding without disturbing them due to the clear bee savers.  This also makes it easy to fill the feeder.
    • Prepare your feeder by applying two coats of paint to the outside and 4 coats to the inside.  This prevents the syrup absorbing into the polystyrene and going mouldy.  It is a good idea to sprinkle sand over the access slope after your first coat of paint.  This gives a grip to the surface to save the bees from slipping.
    • We provide quantity discounts with the Paradise Nuc&Mate 5L Feeder:  Contact us on 0800 000 770 or email: for more information and a quotation.  Price breaks are for 10 +:  $26.42, 50+:  $25.50 and 100+:  $23.69.  These prices are excluding GST.


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    Weight .905 kg
    Dimensions 54.5 × 32.5 × 11 cm