Hive World now offers the HiveGate to enable your bees to protect their hive against wasps and other intruders.

HiveGate positions the entrance right under the winter cluster position.  This allows the bees to naturally control what comes in and goes out of the hive rather than intruders sneaking in undetected.  Small, weak or under-stress colonies are empowered to defend themselves as the odds are stacked against intruders.  Facing a cluster of bees is daunting to the most determined wasp.

HiveGate is:

  • easy to install in a range of hive bases as well as nucleus hives.
  • doesn’t require continuous monitoring – set and forget.
  • constructed from high quality, exceptionally durable, UV-protected plastic, therefore designed for a long service life.
  • is chemical free and enables natural bee defence.


  • Less robbing means stronger, more productive colonies because bees spend less energy defending the hive.  Furthermore,  fewer pathogens are passed on from intruders.
  • Bees spend less energy on controlling the environment inside the hive therefore fewer colony losses.

From observation, bees behave naturally around the HiveGate and adopt it straight away.

How does HiveGate work?

Position the internal entrance under the winter cluster (the largest concentration of bees in the hive).  If an intruder enters the HiveGate and proceeds towards this internal entrance, it will encounter a barricade of bees.

Two things can happen:

  1. The intruder gets cold feet and heads back out.  This unsuccessful foray means no successful robbing communication to its home nest.
  2. The intruder forces its way through the body of bees inducing a fear pheromone release that alerts the colony to its presence even in the dark.  The bees will then track and attack the intruder inside the hive.  The HiveGate prevents the intruder finding its way out of the hive.  The attack is continued until the intruder is dead and afterwards disposed of through the HiveGate.

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