Stainless steel varroa mesh



Hive World supplies Stainless Steel Varroa Mesh:

  • ready cut to convenient size (330mm x 370mm) to install on your baseboard.
  • No. 8 mesh size – 0.7mm wire  (304 stainless steel woven mesh) with a 2.5mm hole size
  • Stainless steel Varroa Mesh is a multi-purpose product to assist you in the constant fight against varroa.  Firstly, varroa dislodged by the bees self-grooming will fall through the wire.  (See the Bee Gym to encourage self-grooming – ).  However, once underneath, the mesh prevents them climbing back.  As a result, you can easily carry out varroa counts to check how your current varroa treatment is performing.  This is easily done by placing a sheet of corflute or similar under the mesh covered opening to catch the culprits.   We also supply a baseboard assembled with mesh ready to use
  • Secondly,  varroa mesh allows ventilation into the hive without allowing wasps, ants, wax moth, rodents or other pests access.
  • The stainless steel mesh is  long-lasting, food-safe, non-chemical and cost-effective.
  • In conclusion, a great tool in the beekeepers armoury ensuring the good health of his bees.

Additional information

Weight 0.24 kg
Dimensions 40 × 34 × 0.2 cm

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