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Hive World supplies three different styles of queen excluder with special bulk-buy deals as well as single purchase options:

  1. Galvanized metal excluder with wooden frame
  2. Rigid plastic excluder with beespace
  3. Flexible plastic excluder

First off, why do you need to use a queen excluder?

The excluder is placed between the brood box(es) and the honey supers.

  • This keeps the queen where she belongs – down in the brood box thus ensuring the honey supers contain only honey not larvae!
  • Using an excluder will also reduce the amount of pollen stored in the honey.

Important!   Remember that the excluder should be removed over winter to allow the queen to move freely to the warmest part of the hive.  This will ensure her survival and consequently, the survival of your hive over winter.

It is also important to keep the queen excluder clean to allow free access to the honey supers.

Each excluder style has its pros and cons and every beekeeper has his own favourite!

Metal excluders

  • Long lasting strength without distortion
  • They are less prone to slippage.
  • Easy to clean using our special queen excluder cleaning shovel:  https://www.hiveworld.co.nz/product/queen-excluder-cleaning-tool/
  • Suitable beespace allowance
  • Avoid using acid treatments such as oxalic or formic while queen excluder is in hive to delay onset of rust.

Rigid plastic excluders

  • Constructed with a 10mm rim to allow for beespace.
  • you can easily make your own beespace entry by cutting out a part of the frame.
  • Ideal if you use acid treatments as there is no problem with rusting.
  • Easy to clean using a washing soda solution to remove wax and propolis.
  • The moulded plastic is gentler on the bees wings than a metal excluder.

Flexible plastic excluders

  • Economical option
  • Easy to clean due to flexibility.
  • Gentle on the bees wings

Once you have decided on your preferred style, choose your quantity option in the box above.

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