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Entrance Feeder with Tumbler

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Hive World’s Entrance Feeder with Tumbler  (also known as the Boardman feeder) is a good solution for using with your nucs.

It comes complete with cage protector to prevent bees drowning in the syrup and 1 x 450 mls capacity beaker.  The advantage of these feeders is that the amount of syrup remaining is easily seen without disturbing the hive.  One thing to watch out for is that the entrance feeder can attract robbers.  However, as in all things bee, every beekeeper has their own way of working and this is simply one of several equally suitable ways of feeding – each with pros and cons.

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  • Description

    Hive World’s Entrance Feeder with Tumbler features:

    • This style of feeder (also known as a Boardman) sits outside your hive at the entrance for an easy convenient way to feed your bees.
    • Our compact feeder comes with a 450ml beaker to hold the syrup.
    • A caged cover over the feeding area prevents the bees from drowning while allowing them access to the syrup.
    • It is easy to see the level of syrup remaining without interfering unnecessarily with the hive.
    • Made of quality plastic construction this feeder will provide long-lasting use.
    • This is an ideal system for feeding your nucs as well as your regular hives.

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    Weight .060 kg
    Dimensions 17 × 9.2 × 10.5 cm